Packing Mat

Packjob logging software with built in rig inventory management and billing reports. Try the demo, login uing:

Demo Packing Mat.v1


Packing Mat v.1 Software features...

  • Packing Features
  • Record packjobs fast
  • Packjobs are timestamped
  • Packers can flag rigs for repairs
  • Use central device or mobile devices
  • Runs like an app on smart phones
  • Print packing reports by date range
  • Rigging Features
  • Add your rigs into inventory
  • Track all components of each rig
  • Track expiration date for repacks, AADs
  • Friendly name and color code your rigs
  • Manage packers & riggers
  • Track packjobs/jumps per rig


Add a packjob in 2 fast clicks or 2 touches on your phone...


Rigging tasks with due date, assigned rigger and price...

Parachute Cycle Repack Calculator

This will add 180 days to selected repack date.

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